Thursday, September 13, 2012

Becoming a Zombie

As a new Halloween season starts to approach, I find myself needing to stock up on essentials yet again, so I thought I'd share my (old) video on "How to become a Zombie."

This video is frightfully old and lost some letters of text in the editing process, but still accurate in procedures. Since you're already here, though, I can provide some links to the supplies that I recommend.

The Must Haves:
Liquid Latex-
"Death Flesh"-
Fake Blood- (An alright site, but I recommend buying from local Halloween shops if you have them!)
Anndddd some sort of medium for texture. I like toilet paper because it's cheap and effective, but you can use anything... even sponges! (Gross!)

Things that are nice:
Eyeliner (from anywhere) Blacks and purples are good and SUPER great at making the sunken in eye look. 

You'll be a zombie in no time once you have these items! I recommend practicing a few times before going to Trick or Treat, to an event, ect. Practice makes perfect, AND you can push the limits/change it up.

Send your zombie looks and creations to us and we'll reblog to show everyone what YOU have created!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Magic Mesh!

Hello all! I know I haven't posted in a while, but life has been crazy. I'm pretty much making a disclaimer now that if I say I'm going to try to post more, it probably won't happen. However in the time it's been since we've talked my grandma and dad have both had surgery, I've taken a mini-vacation, AND I'm now engaged! (Woo Hoo) So this time I actually have some viable excuses.
..... and the excuse of Harvest Moon.
Me Gusta
Anywho, I don't have a comic or anything like that for you today, but rather a product (p)review. Which.... is like a product review but basically a preview of what I think of it based upon the advertisements and commercials!

Today we're looking at the product only a genius could invent- Magic Mesh!

If you hadn't seen the ad, here ya go:

This makeshift screen is useful for people who have "full hands,forgetful family members, and pets!" Plus, the real winner is that you can keep "annoying bugs out!"

When starting the ad, it's apparent from the first few seconds that the acting is subpar. (Unless it's normal that a person would frantically swat at a swarm of bugs that have been waiting for the exact second you open your door.) However, I can't blame them for that because why spend frivolously when you're advertising a product that could be designed by a monkey?

I understand the initial use of this product. If you didn't have a screen door, it'd be a nice alternative. However, MOST houses have a screen door, or windows with screens if nothing else.

As for the claims of why it's a great product, I don't completely buy it. They say it is useful if you have full hands,  but if you're traveling to your deck like the lady in the commercial, I'd say you can afford the time to make two 5 foot journeys.

My next beef with the advertising here is that this product is good for family with a bad memory.... and we're not talking about grandma here. The commercial clearly  displays a teen boy forgetting to shut the door behind him. I'm sorry, but if my child is so thick-skulled that they can't remember to shut the door, they deserve to walk into a sliding glass door.

The last point I’ll hit on that the commercial tried to make is the issue of annoying bugs and their constant mission to invade your home. Bugs are gross and annoying, yes, but the likelihood that they’re waiting just inches from your front door is VERY small. The ad tries to make it seem like in the 3.5 seconds it takes to walk out the door and close it, bugs are going to join in formation and ransack your home. If your yard has as many bugs as the tropical rainforest like the one shown in the commercial, you probably shouldn’t go outside anyway.

To top it all off, the secret in this “Magic Mesh” is about as magical as my big toe. In recent developments, scientists must have come to  the conclusion that magic = magnets. This shocking news would surprise everyone but the members of ICP... they knew it was magic all along. 

If this doesn't make sense, just listen to their song "Miracles"
(PS: The only miracle I associate with them is the fact they have fans....)

A final rating (p)review of this product would be 2 out of 5. It’s useful, yes, to a VERY SPECIFIC group of people. The product would sell itself if people really need it, which makes the commercial completely unnecessary. No one who ever needed one was like “Holy Crap, TV ads have saved me from the tyranny of the insects and my lack of screen door!” To the makers of Magic Mesh, stick it on the shelf in Walmart and alike stores... you might get some business instead of a mockable product.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ahh Summer (As in ahh, that's refreshing, not AHHH scary.)

I've been away doing epic, epic things. Like, for instance, slaying dragons and  raiding castles. Wait... maybe that was just in Skyrim. -Shrugs-

In actuality, I've been resting. Finals week along with finals work duty was brutal, so I've been kicked back a bit at home, regaining my strength and sanity.

However, as usual, I will make a plan to post a bit more frequently. 

I don't have any great material for today, as it's been stagnant at home. However, inspired by my crazy siblings, we put together this, erm, interesting video. Enjoy!

I couldn't get it to post in a mini video in the post, so I'm sorry!!! 

Hope to correspond with you all soon!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Tale of the Enderman

Hello all! You might have noticed an addition to the sidebar, there is now a link to the darkhaven minecraft online webpage. This is the minecraft server I play on now and my boyfriend runs. We always love to have more people, so join us if you play the game!

In other news, this is the 50th post! Woo. To stay with the minecraft theme, I created another meme to sum up how I feel about a portion of minecraft.

Endermen are sassy, sad creatures. My back story for this is that they used to be a squid and lost most of their limbs. Their inability to swim freely and happily now makes them hate the water. In fact, rain or any other water brings that very depression back to the surface and enrages them. 

Additionally, with no purpose in the sea any longer, they have become grumpy creatures who want to make sure everyone loses something, just like how it lost limbs. So, it steals blocks away from you. If you make direct eye contact with one, the enderman has become aware of its loss and buried depression once more. It reacts in the only way it knows how, lashing out. 

Feel sorry for these tormented creatures, for they are truly just sad. 

I hope to write again soon, and until then have a great day!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Vending Machines

When you read this title, you're probably going to be like... seriously, again? I'm not obsessed with vending machines or anything like that, but we just have some on campus. I was watching someone get something from a machine one night this week, and I had a thought. 

Standard Vending Machine
Here is your standard vending machine. When I looked at it, I noticed a common flaw. I do not know who decided it to be this way, but have you ever noticed that the chips are at the top?

Whoever decided that must have been like, "Hmm which thing will probably break the most when it falls from the top row? I know, chips!" 

In my opinion, candy bars would probably hold up better over a distance. And really, designer...gum? Gum gets like the lowest spot. Whoever designed the vending machine obviously didn't think about this. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Farmville 2.0?

First off, sorry for the lack of updates, I've been SUPER busy!!!  However I have some interesting stuff for you today so sit back and enjoy. 

If you know a 30-50 year old as a friend on Facebook, you probably know what Farmville is. What you do is basically build a farm, harvest, make it  look cute, and repeat. It's essentially purposeless except for the title of supreme Farmville ruler. This brings me to my little story:

I was browsing the interwebs and found a link at the top of my page advertising an online game. Before trying it,  I noticed one flaw in the ad itself. 

Okay. Maybe I'm a bit of a smart ass, but to "conquer the humans" seems like a stupid idea. If I'm not mistaken, blood is the driving life force of vampires,no? -facepalm-

Alright, so I checked out the game to see if they could explain this angle. Apparently they have blood laboratories. It's something like the "True Blood" in, well, True Blood. However, I have some major questions before I'm about to believe that this stuff will successfully sustain an entire population. 

Here's the second fact to consider. The vampires apparently also  fight each other. Okay, great! Now I have another question. Don't we get new vampires from humans? Huh. 
This is interesting. Don't they realize that eventually their kind will probably die out, whether it by vampire war or accidents?

Sigh. Oh well. If you need an emo version of farmville, this  is for you. 

Additionally these are the pages that I found the link on. :) Enjoy these pictures. 

I don't know what that weird thing is,btw, so if you do... let me know! 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Animal Hoarding

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but my boyfriend and I recently got to experience the wonders of the show "Obsession: Animal Hoarding" on Animal Planet. While it was disturbing in ways, I had to share a piece from the episode I saw. 

In the episode, the "obsessed" person was Patrick, a snake hoarder. His favorite snake from his varying collection may be his albino snake. It is over 12 feet long. TWELVE! 

Anywho, the show was mildly entertaining, but what got me is the fact that they let the snake roam around outside. 


That is a clip from the video of the snake waiting at the door to get out. Wow. 

The question I raised here through the laughs was, a cat might scratch and meow at the door... so what does the snake do? 

Hiss. Hiss. Boom. (the boom is from slamming his head into the door, because he has no appendage to do so) 

Also, if it's blurry, here's a still-frame of this sucker: 

Isn't it comforting to know that that thing is just roaming around in someone's yard? 

Long story short, being hyper makes stupid stuff like that highly amusing. Try to check the episode out if you can, though, it's pretty interesting! 

Additionally, I haven't verified this, but blogger says that this is my 47th post!!!!!!!! Click this if you're willing to accept the fate of 47!