Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ahh Summer (As in ahh, that's refreshing, not AHHH scary.)

I've been away doing epic, epic things. Like, for instance, slaying dragons and  raiding castles. Wait... maybe that was just in Skyrim. -Shrugs-

In actuality, I've been resting. Finals week along with finals work duty was brutal, so I've been kicked back a bit at home, regaining my strength and sanity.

However, as usual, I will make a plan to post a bit more frequently. 

I don't have any great material for today, as it's been stagnant at home. However, inspired by my crazy siblings, we put together this, erm, interesting video. Enjoy!

I couldn't get it to post in a mini video in the post, so I'm sorry!!! 

Hope to correspond with you all soon!