Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm often wanting to make some sort of CZM merchandise, and now I have! Introducing the CZM sticker!!!! It's fun CZM goodness for all your dedication. You'll also notice a new addition to the page. We now have a donation button over.....

<-------------- there (somewhere)

Donations will go to me (Brittany) to help me make more CZM merch, hopefully boost me to be able to have a self-sustaining website rather than a blog, and provide prizes that won't have to come out of my own pocket.

What were we talking about to begin with? Oh yeah... stickers! They look like this:  

Minus the white part, of course. Also, they're freeeeeee!!! 
I'm not sure when they come in (if it's before Winter Break, you can have them sooner) but all you need to send me to get one is your address. First come, first serve. Additionally, our e-mail is This is private and no one will see your address but I. 

I hope you guys are as excited as I am, and I hope you keep reading CZM!

PS: I'll let you know when they have been mailed. Also, if you know you'll see me in person, still send an e-mail and I can hand deliver it. 


I like to smell things

The title of this post is no joke. I really like to smell things. It's kind of weird, I guess. I think [some] people smell good, though, and why not enjoy it? Also soap smells good, lotion smells good, and mmm candles. <3

However, you must know your boundaries when smelling people. While thinking about this, I considered the "let me borrow your jacket" syndrome. When you steal the jacket of a good smelling person, odds are you're also stealing it to smell them/their perfume/ whatever. I have come up with a chart, though, on how acceptable smelling certain clothing items would be. Observe. 

As you can see, acceptablity kind of works its way down the body. 
Jackets- Highly Acceptable
Shirts- Acceptable
Bras- Questionable
Pants- Just weird
Underwear- Creepy/Perverted
Socks- Gross/disgusting 

The one other thing I did consider is hats. Now... I'm not quite sure how to judge hats. 

Are they okay to smell? Not okay? Creepy?

Here's my formula, let me know if  you think of something better. 
If they use hair products, it's okay. 
A sweaty baseball cap, however, not so okay. 

Food for thought: Scarves, gloves, ski masks. 

PS. Sorry for my crappy drawing skills. Yo. 


Friday, December 9, 2011

FSU Internet

I've learned that my best way to rage about things is through memes lately. Que sera sera, at least it's somewhat entertaining. And the subject of the day is......


I don't even think you're supposed to have routers, let alone ones with names like this. 

The story of my life right now. It really doesn't make much sense.  


This literally happened. Yet another mystery of the FSU internet. 

Maybe there are tiny routers on the floor that only cover a 1/2 foot radius. 

I just want to watch potter puppet pals for crying out loud. 
If you're reading this now, you're probably not on campus. Also, I probably hit that five minutes of internet in the 5:500 working to not ratio.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FSU Dining Hall

Hello Hello Hello. Contrary to popular belief, I AM alive. I've just been too busy to post. However, I have come up with my own meme about the FSU dining hall. Won't make too much sense to non-students, but still the hardcore truth. It might possibly be true about other campus dining halls as well. 

While they offer lots of things, it's usually not very appetizing or is something that only
 .01% of the population would actually want to eat. 

All I can say about this is... I wish I were kidding. The entry way
literally had a dead tree with toilet paper hanging from the ceiling
during Halloween. Easy to overlook, yes, but when
 I saw it I was like... O_O

Brownies aren't brownies when they're dry, and just because you put
 that cake in a cup with some whipped topping doesn't mean it's "fresh"

I've heard this complaint from multiple people, so I thought I'd include it. 

Sometimes they have really awesome stuff. If you have class or don't
want to eat until like 5:30, though, you're pretty much screwed
because they often take down shop early. 

I understand that it is a hassle to clean extra tables, but it's not t
hat bad when you have one person solely assigned to do it. But no.
Instead I have to sit right beside a million other people when there is
an abundance of tables chained off (by a plastic mock
chain no less) for no apparent reason.  

Waffle night. Banana split night. Same story. Very delicious, but they
decide to only assign one or MAYBE two workers to this line. They also
 decide to make waffles individually instead of preparing a few before
hand. They do what they can to keep the line down, but I wish they'd
 let some people help them. 
So. There you have it. FSU dining hall meme! 

Additional food for thought:
(first off, haha. "food for thought." Didn't say that intentionally , but it's funny because this was about a dining hall)
I was thinking about toilet paper in trees, and I decided it is probably like one of the ultimate insults to trees. I mean, it's a dead, bleached, chemically stripped version of a tree, thrown onto a tree. If we threw embalmed chunks of people onto other people, we'd probably be pretty insulted. It's a sick, sick world.