Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Towel

For anyone who has ever used a new towel, this is for you: 

I recently got a new towel, inspiring the idea. Nothing quite this drastic happened, but if it had... well, I'd be excited. Nothing like pretending you're in Avatar all day. :) Enjoy!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiny Wings

While the opportunity for me to sit down and play a full game is seldom present, I do get the chance to play games on my iphone pretty frequently.

One of my favorite games is Tiny Wings. While this game is bright, cheery, and inviting, it has a more sadistic side.

Up, up, and awa----down.
For those who haven't played, this game has a simple concept. You are a bird who doesn't have wings that can carry you. By using the hills, you can temporarily fly and earn points. You must be careful, though, because for some reason you must stop flying at night.

Alright. I'll give them some credit for the cute graphics. It looks fun and upbeat, however, this is a romanticized version of a more grimm fairy tale. (Yeah the kind where Cinderella's step sisters get their eyes pecked out)

First, the concept of "tiny wings" on a bird is depressing. Not once do they mention why the wings are too small to carry him/her. If it were still a small chick, I'd be totally okay with that. However, it seems like it's presented that it is a full-grown bird. This provides no hope. It seems as though you're designed to fail from the start.

Next, I have a beef with the fact how the game session ends. You never "beat" a level, but it simply ends when the night comes. It seems a bit dangerous that you stop flying/falling mid-air. I also have a problem with the way the game presents the onset of the night. Observe:

Keyword- Hunting. HUNTING! Seriously?
Okay. Last but not least, I have an issue with the level-up perks. I thought maybe you'll change colors or, hey, even get new wings. Wouldn't it be great if you eventually worked up to normal sized wings and you could beat the game? But no. You get a nest. NEST. You apparently just fall asleep in the middle of a hillside, but you get a new colored nest, so that must make everything okay.

Great. While the other birds mock you, they can at least admire your fine decor.
On a related/unrelated note, there is an andriod version of the game that anti-apple people could access. (Thanks to my boyfriend for showing it to me) It's called "Dragon, Fly!" I believe there is a free version as well as a paid one. I find the graphics a little less girly and cute, but the concept seems to make a bit more sense.

You're a cute baby dragon running away from home. Since you're a baby, though, your wings are too feeble to carry you. When times runs out, though, the night doesn't "hunt" you, but rather your mother comes to bring you back home. Plus, you change colors when you level up, how cool?! Much less depressing than the outlook of never being able to fly and living alone forever. A good alternative for those with android/those who don't mind sacrificing the girly aspect for a more concrete storyline.

Until next time.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Animal, vegetable, mineral.....

As a kid, I used to play 20 questions in the car with my grandparents. Nowadays I guess parents are lucky because there is a device that will now play 20 questions with you! All you have to do is hit a button. 

I've played with these some in the store, but I was really excited today when I came across a virtual version while using Stumble Upon. 

You can find it ----> Here!

I discovered that it's either the most stupid or the most intelligent device I've ever used. 

While trying to get it to guess red panda/ firefox, it guessed a pikachu. It never got the answer correct even after additional guesses. 

Then I was impressed because I tried to get it to guess an eggplant. It asked me several questions that really didn't make sense based upon the fact that I said it was a vegetable. "Does it have a horn?" "Does it have four legs?" NO! I imagine it smirked at me at this point as the words scrolled across the screen.... "Are you thinking of an eggplant?"

Dang. Impressive. 

Anyway, I hope you have as much fun as I do with it. Also... I'm immature, but it's hilarious...................................

The fact that poop is singular according to 20Q just makes it better. 

Blogging: Not for everyone

Hello everyone! I hope that January is going splendid for you!

I've been talking to some people lately and the topic of blogging came up. While I strongly encourage people to write and create, it is in my strong opinion that some people should just not blog at all. I don't think that I'm any better or worse than the next person at writing, but I try to make sure that my blog meets some kind of criteria. So here are my top 5 reasons why you shouldn't have a blog: 

1. Content
 If you're expecting any sort of audience, you need to provide something with substance. I'm guilty of posting a video or sharing something funny now and again. However, if you can't create diddly squat to entertain people, or come up with something unique... don't waste my time. If you want to make a personal blog, that's fine. If you're wanting to entertain someone, make sure you're actually capable of that before writing. 

Additionally, if your longest blog post only has like 100 words or so, you probably need to up the ante. People like things short and to the point sometimes, but if they're taking the time to actually read something, they are probably going to want something with at least a little bit of substance. 

2. Grammar and punctuation
I'll be the first to tell you that not everyone is perfect when it comes to grammar and punctuation. That's okay! Everyone slips up now and again. I know that I do! However, some things are inexcusable. 

  • Words like tho, wut, and cuz are not really words. Please learn this. 
  • Commas exist! I know that it's crazy, but it's true. 
  • I shouldn't have to mention it, but I've seen blogs where the spelling or usage of a word is wrong. What makes it even better is the fact that they'll use/spell it right in another sentence. How is that possible? 
  • I know English isn't the easiest language to learn! However, if you were raised with it, you should understand simple, simple concepts. I don't even want to say anymore on this subject, so just read this: How to use the English language, son.
3. Introduction
I don't expect every blog post to start out with the most riveting line I've ever read, but I do have some sort of standard. If only two of your blog posts don't start out with the word "so," you probably have a problem.

Although it's not a post introduction, also make sure your blog title is interesting. It is the introduction to your blog as a whole, so you'd think it should be important. If it's difficult to spell or remember, it'll kill your audience unless you already have a widely established fan base. 

4. Presentation
If I wanted to sleep, I'd find a bed, not your blog. Learn that sentence variety livens things up. You could use question marks, ellipses, or even *gasp* an exclamation mark! I don't want to read something like this:

"So, I saw a guy on the street today. He wasn't wearing pants. Don't you think that is crazy, people. Anyway, I don't have much else to say. I'll talk to you again when I acquire more material."

That kind of blog post is snooze central, and the only thing shocking to the reader is that you had the audacity to start another post out with the word "so" again. 

5. Originality
For the love of God, be unique. I really, really try not to take any material from things I've read elsewhere. In fact, if I'm feeling an itch to write, I'll make sure to do so before reading someone else's blog. It's fine to use someone else's material as a basis, but when you basically just rewrite the lines in a new way, you're stealing. 

I don't want to be a party pooper, so I'll stop there. Additional fact, though: If you went to check to see if your blog is the basis of this post... you probably shouldn't have a blog. There are a million more things I could say on this subject, but I'll leave it at that. If you want to start a blog or have a blog, just take some of these notes into consideration. 

Until next time, enjoy this picture of Batman and kittens:
 I'd post it directly on here, but the black background makes it look poopy.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year from CZM!

Ahh the new year! Isn't it great? Everyone is all about their resolutions and making this year better than the last. I think I should make a resolution to have a really crappy year, then next year I'll make a resolution to have a better year than the last. 2 resolutions succeeded. 
But seriously... my  resolution is to become Batman. Okay, once again, not really. But I wanted an  excuse to bring up Batman to share this with you:

As soon as I'm back to school and into the swing of things there will be more updates! Do not fear! If you're in college and on a break, enjoy the rest of your time off! Keep reading, and be sure to follow us on facebook! :)