Thursday, September 13, 2012

Becoming a Zombie

As a new Halloween season starts to approach, I find myself needing to stock up on essentials yet again, so I thought I'd share my (old) video on "How to become a Zombie."

This video is frightfully old and lost some letters of text in the editing process, but still accurate in procedures. Since you're already here, though, I can provide some links to the supplies that I recommend.

The Must Haves:
Liquid Latex-
"Death Flesh"-
Fake Blood- (An alright site, but I recommend buying from local Halloween shops if you have them!)
Anndddd some sort of medium for texture. I like toilet paper because it's cheap and effective, but you can use anything... even sponges! (Gross!)

Things that are nice:
Eyeliner (from anywhere) Blacks and purples are good and SUPER great at making the sunken in eye look. 

You'll be a zombie in no time once you have these items! I recommend practicing a few times before going to Trick or Treat, to an event, ect. Practice makes perfect, AND you can push the limits/change it up.

Send your zombie looks and creations to us and we'll reblog to show everyone what YOU have created!!!