Monday, August 29, 2011

Rock Bottom

Many of us know what it feels like to hit that all time low. It's desperate  sad, and just downright awful. Today I witnessed a man hitting rock bottom. I'm not sure if he was aware of it, but as an outsider looking in... I'd say it was a pretty desperate moment. 

Many people may not know this, but the food in snack machines does indeed go bad. When this happens, the guy who stocks the machines puts the expired food on top of the machine. The food is still "good" for the most part. So, as a passerby, sometimes I'll grab some chips. That's what most people do. 
However, the janitor had something else in mind. Today the janitor, that greedy man, starts filling up his cleaning cart with snacks. Not only did he take the ones in reach, but he desperately grabbed at the ones in the back. When he couldn't reach those, he took out his broom and scraped the snacks towards him from the top of the machine.  
I think this would accurately be my all time low if I were him. How many expired snacks does one need? 

While blurry, it still gets the point across
The custodian then proceeded to steal snacks out to some of the ladies who work at the convenience store like some sort of messiah who brings trans fat goodness to all. 

Lesson to be learned: grab those snacks before the greedy custodian dude. 

I want you to think of my blog when you pass a snack machine now! 

~xoxoxo Britt<3

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irrelevant Mice

So, this irrelevant, but I thought I'd share with you guys something adorable. We apparently had to confiscate some mice, so they stayed in the office for a little bit. Boy, were they cute! So, naturally, I took video.

I named this one Fivel. He was precious. 

I hope you love him!

~xoxoxo Britt<3

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Protocol You Should Know About

Hello folks! I'm glad to say that I'm surviving classes and such. I stay busy but I have crazy things that happen to me.  So, I am glad to tell you about the creepiest experience ever. Well... not really EVER, but on the scale of a normal lazy day basis, it was pretty creepy. 

The day seemed normal, and I needed a shower. Showers are normally awesome for me. I like feeling clean and it can be stress relieving. However, after I stepped into my shower and started wetting my hair, I noticed something lurking in the corner. 

Seemingly harmless..... 

Yeah, it was a freaking spider. So, since I had to deal with that crazy situation, I have advice for those who may experience it! Some may say I'm silly, but I'm just protecting you from letting a spider rape your naked body of life while you're just trying to get clean. 

1. Constant Eye(s) Contact. 
First off, I'm not really sure how many eyes spiders have... but I've found if you DON'T WANT TO DIE, keep staring at it. This may not be true, but it will alert you if it moves. By constantly watching it, you won't be so vulnerable, and your reflexes will be much faster if it does go in for the kill. 

2. Shampoo With Caution
While shampooing and/or conditioning seems like a shower time necessity, be wary. When you're head is aimlessly placed under the shower head, you are unable to retain good focus on Mr. Spider. He'll be lurking, waiting for your vulnerable point. Shampoo will make your hair luxurious, but that spider will KILL you. So watch out! 

You may feel the urge to risk it and attack the spider. Sure, you could kill it with a shampoo bottle or rinse it down the drain, but what if you fail??? Do you really want to risk the chance of pissing it off when you're naked and unarmed? I think not. 

Getting rid of the spider is a different story. You have a couple options for this one. 

1. MAN-UP! 
Yeah, that's right. Become a man, and beat that spider to a pulp. 

2. Get someone else to do your bidding. 
This is usually my favorite method of spider execution. If you don't mind the title of "wimp," get someone else to kill that sucker. It makes them look awesome and BA, but you ultimately get rid of your problem. 

The only thing you DON'T want to do is....
Don't ignore it. It'll make you crazy. 
Every time you shower, you'll wonder. Is it here? Did it get into my bedroom? Maybe it's laying eggs in my sink!!! 
Don't fall for it's innocent facade. Kill it.

I'm hoping that from now on I won't have to deal with that crap. Related to the Avatar reference, I got a new fish. His name is Sokka. He loves all of you. 

I love you too, have a nice week!!!

~xoxoxo Britt<3

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am a sad panda.

Yes, I am a sad panda. Why, you ask? Well, the reason is simple. I have had training for work for two weeks, and that meant no super special awesome blog posts. It really stinks that I haven't been updating.HOWEVER, you guys have still been visiting at least, so I  was really glad to see that! 

I would like to have something new up this week, so be sure to check back for some quality entertainment. Cope  with me as I start school again, yo! 

Thanks, and much love!!! 

<3 xoxox Britt

Monday, August 1, 2011

Useless Information

Did you know that a mosquito has 47 teeth? Very odd, I know. So here is a video to make it even more peculiar. 

Word. Also the main reason I'm posting this morning is because I am in the moving process, so things are CRAZY. (However, I will argue that crazy is the best way to be ;] ) 

Due to this though, it'll be a day or so before I make a real post, which makes me feel lame. However, I'm braking my tablet back out, so you know you can expect crappily drawn pictures that amuse me!    <<< Just so you know, since my  blog is lame today, you can get some giggles out in this one. =] 

~xoxoxo Britt<3