Friday, May 27, 2011

When it Rains...

So yesterday night, I pretty much experienced the apocalypse in weather form. Storms are scary enough, but it's good to know when they're happening and for how long. 

And this is what always happens....

The most inopportune timing ever. I think maybe they should take their weather programming and show the footage of people DYING because they didn't know a tornado was about to hit their house, because they were inside watching "storm stories." YOU WILL RUE THE DAY, JIM CANTORE!!! 

-ahem- Anyway, it's obvious that I have nothing better to do than to rant about the weather channel. However, it is the total truth. 
Just so you don't completely waste all your time reading this post, I've provided a video that you shall enjoy greatly. 

On a final note. I'd like to do that to the creator of "Storm Stories." -.- 

~xoxoxo Britt<3 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Grammer" Nazi

Yes, let it be known... not only am I "Most likely to play Hitler in a Broadway Musical," but I am also now a "Grammer" Nazi. 

If you know me, you know I spend too much time on the book of faces. I don't even play games, or try to fulfill some meaning by tending to a Farmville farm. However, I do engage in some interesting conversations, so here is one for you. 

** NOTE: Names were blacked out to protect those in the opposing party. The picture was also replaced with "My Little Pony" for the heck of it. Enjoy! 

Oh that pony is OH so sassy!!!
Needless to say, I need more friends so I'll stop spending free time like this. 

~xoxoxox Britt<3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Legend of Zelda Freestyle Rap!


So the story behind this is that I decided to play with the "I am T-Pain" app. I was having fun and then I decided to try out rapping about Zelda. These are the results, and I will include the lyrics below! 

Legend of Zelda Freestyle

Come on Link, stay with me
I'm the way to go don't ya see
I can give you everything that you need
Don't leave without your little Deku seed

Time for this white girl to tell you 'bout a game
it's called the Legend of Zelda, not any other name
I like to stay fly like my main man Link
but that Princess chick, she sure does stink
The name's Malon, with my horse Epona
Stick with me if you don't wanna end up alone-a
I sell you Lon-Lon Milk to keep you strong
Sure, go visit Zelda, but don't be gone long

Come on Link, stay with me
I'm the way to go don't ya see
I can give you everything that you need
Don't leave without your little Deku seed

Off to Hylia he rides in the sun, 
but princess Zelda's trapped, time for fun
Why doesn't he care when I'm in danger
Lon-Lon ranch is more than a mangy manger
She's in the safety of a castle, but still ends out of line
Off you go, whippin' out the Ocarina of Time. 
Please Link, won't you stay here with me
Zelda and Link is wack, you and I are meant to be.

Come on Link, stay with me
I'm the way to go don't ya see
I can give you everything that you need
Don't leave without your little Deku seed

I give up Link, she's obviously "the one"
Best of luck, jerk, your chance is done
I heard Gannondorf is really hot
I'll just hook up with him, psh, NOT!
Hope you and Zelda are good and merry
I'm left dying without even a fairy
Link why'd you do this to me? 
That's it, I'm finished playing L-O-Z! 

Thanks for listening, I know singing isn't my forte. Hopefully you were entertained though, and look out for another wacky blog post! 

~xoxoxoxo Britt<3

What Resident Evil 4 seems to be like (to me)

So if you're anyone who matters, you've played Resident Evil 4. Thus, I am getting on my soap-box to rant about one of the most annoying things in the game.
The Merchant 

SO yeah. 

You play this whole freaking game and it seems like the merchant pops up EVERYWHERE. His traveling speed is fairly impressive for a guy who apparently lugs around pounds upon pounds of ammunition. Thus, cloning is probably the real story behind it all. 

Additionally, never shoot this dude. Sure, he's got more weapons than a nuclear warfare plant, but one shot and he's down. I guess for a guy who single-handedly opens up shop he's pretty weak. And guess what.... once he's gone, HE'S GONE. 
Yeah, don't F with the merchant! I made that mistake once....and well, GAME OVER! 

Take my advice, yo. 

All in all, though, this IS a really great game and I suggest if you haven't played it, you go and do so RIGHT NOW! (Sustenance and sleep is for babies) 

~ xoxoxoxox Britt<3 

Blah blah blah....Harry Potter....blah blah I've procrastinated again

Yes. I will admit it now. I am a slacker. (Don't tell my parents) 
Since moving back home for summer break, I have found myself extremely lazy and uninspired. However, I  will share with you an experience near and dear to me for your entertainment in this adjustment period! 

So when going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my sister, she raises some interesting questions. 

In the film, you see Draco putting an apple into the vanishing cabinet. Harry Potter fans completely understand what he was doing, but my 10 year old sister, not so much. So this is how stuff went down.....

Psh, like Voldemort eats apples

So yeah. Word. 

If I were you, and obviously I'm not, I would check back soon though for more amazement. Ya dig? 

Watch out for another post! 

~Xoxoxox Britt<3 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coming to a theater near you!!

I am a frequent reader of webcomics. There are some real great ones, seriously. 
Recently I found inspiration from 
I believe that this site is also inspiration for an up and coming film, anticipated by many. 

What is great is that we (CrazyZombieMuffins) get the honor of unveiling it. 
So HERE YA GO!!!!!!

Not pictured: Brosef Stalin

Yup. Goose Step-Up 2. It's quite a tear (gas?) jerker. 

Coming to a theater near you!

~xoxox Britt <3
*also, sorry if this offends you. But you should probably work on that sense of humor. 
** This font is "Heilvetica" (Thanks Hipster Hitler) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If I invented Harry Potter spells....

In a world where I rule, I get to make up my own Harry Potter spells. I'm fairly certain that all they do is pick random words or combine them. SO here I have made one of my own.

"Accio" can bring
objects to you.
I'd imagine that
it's really useful
for lazy witches
and wizards. 

"Impedimenta" can
be used to slow
things down.
Once again, the
usefulness is really questionable. Seriously.

SO, I came up with a spell  at least as twice as useful. Check this stuff out.

What if... just throwin'
it out there...what if
we combined "Accio"
with "Impedimenta?"

Now, I know it seems crazy, but the "Pimento" spell could very likely change they way we look at life and existence. 

"I can change your world"
And as you might have guessed, "Pimento" is useful for bringing you things......slowly.

USE # 1:
Bringing you really fragile things from across the room. 
Drink me!
Have you ever thought, "gee I wish I could summon that hot cup of tea from across the room?" Well now have no fear, because "Pimento" will bring you your Earl Grey without faltering. 

USE #2:
Make all your friends think you're using "the force."
Sadly, it CAN'T make you look like Yoda.
So if you're practiced at saying spells really quietly or even inaudibly, this spell will make you seem B.A. Simply say the spell, hold your hand out in front of you, and look constipated. If your friends are Star Wars geeks like mine, they will be increasingly impressed.  

I could go on all day about the uses of "Pimento," but I shall rest my case. I will say, though, move aside J.K. Rowling, because there is a new spell writer in town. (*whispers* It's Me)

~xoxoxo Britt <3

Ahab's Coffee Cakes

So, yesterday Jess and I were perusing the Nickel when we came across what obviously would be the hit new product: "Ahab's Coffee Cake." 

I don't know about you, but this is what image came to mind: 

Just Sayin'

~XOXO Britt

Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Turban

I've often wondered why it was perfectly acceptable for Quirrell to suddenly adopt a turban...

~ Xoxo Britt <3

Welcome to CrazyZombieMuffins

We are... CrazyZombieMuffins

But you may ask........

Well, basically it's a blog for thoughts. For my thoughts (Brittany) and my partner-in-crime's thoughts (Jessica.) 

What kind of thoughts?
Witty little thoughts!

This is more or less the place where I'm going to dump our amusing ideas, comments, opinions, or even insults. (Oohhh)