Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Magic Mesh!

Hello all! I know I haven't posted in a while, but life has been crazy. I'm pretty much making a disclaimer now that if I say I'm going to try to post more, it probably won't happen. However in the time it's been since we've talked my grandma and dad have both had surgery, I've taken a mini-vacation, AND I'm now engaged! (Woo Hoo) So this time I actually have some viable excuses.
..... and the excuse of Harvest Moon.
Me Gusta
Anywho, I don't have a comic or anything like that for you today, but rather a product (p)review. Which.... is like a product review but basically a preview of what I think of it based upon the advertisements and commercials!

Today we're looking at the product only a genius could invent- Magic Mesh!

If you hadn't seen the ad, here ya go:

This makeshift screen is useful for people who have "full hands,forgetful family members, and pets!" Plus, the real winner is that you can keep "annoying bugs out!"

When starting the ad, it's apparent from the first few seconds that the acting is subpar. (Unless it's normal that a person would frantically swat at a swarm of bugs that have been waiting for the exact second you open your door.) However, I can't blame them for that because why spend frivolously when you're advertising a product that could be designed by a monkey?

I understand the initial use of this product. If you didn't have a screen door, it'd be a nice alternative. However, MOST houses have a screen door, or windows with screens if nothing else.

As for the claims of why it's a great product, I don't completely buy it. They say it is useful if you have full hands,  but if you're traveling to your deck like the lady in the commercial, I'd say you can afford the time to make two 5 foot journeys.

My next beef with the advertising here is that this product is good for family with a bad memory.... and we're not talking about grandma here. The commercial clearly  displays a teen boy forgetting to shut the door behind him. I'm sorry, but if my child is so thick-skulled that they can't remember to shut the door, they deserve to walk into a sliding glass door.

The last point I’ll hit on that the commercial tried to make is the issue of annoying bugs and their constant mission to invade your home. Bugs are gross and annoying, yes, but the likelihood that they’re waiting just inches from your front door is VERY small. The ad tries to make it seem like in the 3.5 seconds it takes to walk out the door and close it, bugs are going to join in formation and ransack your home. If your yard has as many bugs as the tropical rainforest like the one shown in the commercial, you probably shouldn’t go outside anyway.

To top it all off, the secret in this “Magic Mesh” is about as magical as my big toe. In recent developments, scientists must have come to  the conclusion that magic = magnets. This shocking news would surprise everyone but the members of ICP... they knew it was magic all along. 

If this doesn't make sense, just listen to their song "Miracles"
(PS: The only miracle I associate with them is the fact they have fans....)

A final rating (p)review of this product would be 2 out of 5. It’s useful, yes, to a VERY SPECIFIC group of people. The product would sell itself if people really need it, which makes the commercial completely unnecessary. No one who ever needed one was like “Holy Crap, TV ads have saved me from the tyranny of the insects and my lack of screen door!” To the makers of Magic Mesh, stick it on the shelf in Walmart and alike stores... you might get some business instead of a mockable product.