Saturday, July 23, 2011

Come back here you swine!

I am addicted to my iPhone, and one of the greatest things about it is that you have access to all the crazy cool apps. However, I feel as though one app in particular is the devil,and have a few gripes which I must get out of my system. 

Angry Birds

Look at that butthole's smirk
Sure it's called "angry" birds because the evil green pigs steal the eggs from the birds, but I think it's called angry birds because it makes you SO pissed off when you can demolish every one of those green demons except one. 
Then, the pigs laugh at your failure. What a lousy excuse for a civil green pig. Seriously. 

Look at that fine hand crafted mahogany slingshot
That isn't my only beef with the game, though. I just want to point out that the pigs nor the birds have hands. How in the heck do these small animals make these defense structures, not to mention the freaking slingshot launching device? I want to know how any bird is going to build a slingshot like that. They can't. 

Notice how the pigs are just laughing 

For my third and final gripe, I'll just point out that this game is teaching children how to basically be kamikaze warriors. We'll just dive headfirst into the shoddy structure if it seems like it may wound just one pig. Additionally, the pigs stole like, 5 eggs. Which, not all eggs really have a 100% success rate, so what a useless waste of time trying to get them back. I understand that it's upsetting, but I almost kill that many grown birds in a matter of two levels. I really try to understand the fight against green piggy evil, but how many must die? HOW MANY MUST DIE?!?!?!

Yet, I'm still addicted.

~Britt<3 xoxoxo

Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been super busy, but I thought that I'd have to stop by here and drop a few comments about the NEW and FINAL Harry Potter film. 
First of all, the premier was AWESOME. Nerds convening in costumes to celebrate their nerd love is always fun. I went in costume, naturally... and had a lot of fun getting to see others' costumes as well. This is my favorite: 
Voldy visits a kiosk!

I posted this pic to my FB, but I know not everyone who reads this has one, so I wanted to share in the laughter. Voldemort may be evil, but he has to pick up his tickets like the rest of us. =]

The second best part of the experience was getting to try legit butterbeer.
This drink is too legit to quit
To be honest, it really tasted a lot like chai with apples. I'm sure it varied from place to place, but pretty good stuff. 

Also, as far as the movie went. It was awesome, but had it's VERY great moments like:

This is where, in my mind I reenact the Potter Puppet Pals Scene....
Voldy: Give me a hug Draco
Draco: I don't want a hug
Draco: I'll wound you!!! 

But yes, awkward hugs are awkward. This made me laugh so much in the movie. I'm also very glad I found access to this pic. I found it Here>

I was pretty tickled to find it and am glad I can watch the awkward over and over and over. 
Hopefully more humor will come soon! 

~xoxoxo Britt<3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, July!

So July is freaking busy for me, resulting in a lack of material to entertain you people with. (you people, being my readers) Seeing as TOMORROW night is the premier of Harry Potter and I'm busy until Sunday, you can probably not expect to have a ton of posts. However, usually there is something crazy about Harry Potter to comment on, so I'm almost positive there will  be a HP related post soon enough.

Also, in the spirit of talking about Harry Potter, here is a video I find amusing. 

 Funny stuff. I'll try to get on here ASAP. Oh and yeah, my birthday is next Tuesday. I accept checks, money orders, and cash. Okay, not really. But it IS exciting that I've lived another full year and will be officially ancient. 

Also, I know that if you said you "liked" the facebook page, you're probably a liar, because we don't have nearly enough. I DO wanna give out cool stuff once I get enough readers, so get the word out there, yo. 

Since this was pretty uneventful, I'll leave you with another one of my favorite videos! Enjoy!!!!

Also, is anyone really talented with making videos like that??? I'd love to do one for Strutting Leo! (notice if you hover over the words "Strutting Leo" then you can go to the site! The internet never fails to amaze me! hahah) 

~xoxoxo Britt<3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The thing about my dad....

He doesn't pussyfoot around!

This is irrelevant...but...

My dad's favorite phrase when picking up leftovers:
"My Doggy Thanks You"

My dad is so weird, but in a good way! 

~xoxoxo Britt<3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Sort of Tom Foolery Is This?

So I've been crazy busy which has resulted in my slacking on the blogging part of life. My week has included things like cleaning for my grandparents, competitively playing "Happy Aquarium" on Facebook to crush my dad's dreams, and swimming. All of these were somewhat enjoyable, except maybe the swimming because some kid that looked the chubby orphan from Nacho Libre wouldn't stop screaming "DADDY" in like one foot of water. Sorry that you can't swim Chanco, sorry. 

They were pretty much twins
Other than that, life has been pretty uneventful. I will be gone for several days ghost hunting and touring, so my next post will likely be delayed...but wouldn't yours be delayed too if you got the chance to visit Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum on the way to your desintation?!?! Ahh, America. 

Anyway I forgot to mention something super exciting in the last post because I was far too busy eating crazy zombie cupcakes. But, we now have a facebook page!! Huzzah! So, what you need to do issss... 
(us on facebook!!)
Here is the link...

What sort of things will you gain from this you ask? Well, Seeing as this isn't strictly a reposting sort of blog, you'll get to see more videos and updates from CZM all about the stuff we love. Additionally, we always, always, ALWAYS would like your suggestions, and what a great place to do so. Also, provided that we get a stronger reading community a few contests might be in order. =] So make sure you head over there and "like" us.... or we won't like you. 

~xoxoxo Britt<3