Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Tale of the Enderman

Hello all! You might have noticed an addition to the sidebar, there is now a link to the darkhaven minecraft online webpage. This is the minecraft server I play on now and my boyfriend runs. We always love to have more people, so join us if you play the game!

In other news, this is the 50th post! Woo. To stay with the minecraft theme, I created another meme to sum up how I feel about a portion of minecraft.

Endermen are sassy, sad creatures. My back story for this is that they used to be a squid and lost most of their limbs. Their inability to swim freely and happily now makes them hate the water. In fact, rain or any other water brings that very depression back to the surface and enrages them. 

Additionally, with no purpose in the sea any longer, they have become grumpy creatures who want to make sure everyone loses something, just like how it lost limbs. So, it steals blocks away from you. If you make direct eye contact with one, the enderman has become aware of its loss and buried depression once more. It reacts in the only way it knows how, lashing out. 

Feel sorry for these tormented creatures, for they are truly just sad. 

I hope to write again soon, and until then have a great day!


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