Thursday, February 23, 2012

Farmville 2.0?

First off, sorry for the lack of updates, I've been SUPER busy!!!  However I have some interesting stuff for you today so sit back and enjoy. 

If you know a 30-50 year old as a friend on Facebook, you probably know what Farmville is. What you do is basically build a farm, harvest, make it  look cute, and repeat. It's essentially purposeless except for the title of supreme Farmville ruler. This brings me to my little story:

I was browsing the interwebs and found a link at the top of my page advertising an online game. Before trying it,  I noticed one flaw in the ad itself. 

Okay. Maybe I'm a bit of a smart ass, but to "conquer the humans" seems like a stupid idea. If I'm not mistaken, blood is the driving life force of vampires,no? -facepalm-

Alright, so I checked out the game to see if they could explain this angle. Apparently they have blood laboratories. It's something like the "True Blood" in, well, True Blood. However, I have some major questions before I'm about to believe that this stuff will successfully sustain an entire population. 

Here's the second fact to consider. The vampires apparently also  fight each other. Okay, great! Now I have another question. Don't we get new vampires from humans? Huh. 
This is interesting. Don't they realize that eventually their kind will probably die out, whether it by vampire war or accidents?

Sigh. Oh well. If you need an emo version of farmville, this  is for you. 

Additionally these are the pages that I found the link on. :) Enjoy these pictures. 

I don't know what that weird thing is,btw, so if you do... let me know! 


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